The Portal from On Structure on Vimeo.
The Portal is a work-in-progress. It is a fully staged multimedia performance created, designed and performed by the performance duo On Structure (Natacha Diels and Jessie Marino).
This 50 minute work of choreographed performance rituals will use live electronic sound, video projection, and DIY animatronics to stage a joyfully chaotic world which uses folkloric songs, televised dramas, and amusement park scenography to tell the hidden mythologies of the Uncanny Valley. The Portal is a performance platform; part Video Game, part Ritual Alter, part Twilight Zone. On stage, the two heroines are jostled between the analog and digital worlds - preparing, practicing and perfecting their choreographed rituals as they move through different visual mediums, electronic sound worlds, and dreamscapes. Their playful actions respond to, mimic, or comment on their visual surroundings creating playfully menacing dramatic spaces where the line between reality and virtual reality is flickering in and out of focus.


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